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The responsibilities of Sam Gyimah, the new parliamentary under secretary of state for childcare and education, were announced this week.

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Manage, maintain and inspect all your assets, remove data storage requirements on your servers entirely and access reports from anywhere at any time via the web with PSSLive.

customer and contractor sharing the same database

customer and Contractor share the same database

The latest development to our suite of software applications brings together all the usability, features and benefits of PlaySafe and StaySafe with an added bonus: PSSLive is hosted on our Cloud servers. We store all your data and photos for 21 years. Our own expert teams ensure 24/7 system availability and reliability.

Your inspectors and maintenance staff carry out their work with the PSSLive smartphone app. They can audit sites and assets; manage outstanding tasks; request repairs; complete an inspection; in fact, everything they're doing now but more efficiently and accurately. Users can log in at any time to check information, run reports and distribute them throughout your organisation.

PSSLive Mobile PSSLive Mobile
PSSLive on your desktop
Using the map in PSSLive
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PSSLive provides an exceptional range of Features & Benefits and can be customised to suit all asset management and inspection requirements. Examples of these benefits are:

  • Get your data anytime and anywhere
  • Say good bye to archiving and storage
  • No duplication errors, no lost documents, no multiple spreadsheets
  • Easily create accurate and detailed reports, graphs, tables and maps
  • Be prompted with an automated to do list highlighting priorities
  • Fast data search and retrieval
  • Government Connect compliant
  • Desktop and smartphone apps always up-to-date

PSSLive is full of practical functionality, yet it's as easy to use as Microsoft Outlook®. Video tutorials and a reminder system are included to ensure nothing gets missed, enabling your department not only to report with absolute accuracy but also to deal with issues like abandoned cars, vandalism, fly-tipping and street cleaning quickly and effectively.

PSSLive is always up to date. Our own team ensure that our software always complies with new legislation and incorporates new features. PSSLive is an organic app that continues to develop and improve. All users have immediate telephone support whenever they need some help.

Whatever your asset management needs, they can be met with PSSLive. Contact us today to speak with one of our knowledgeable team and arrange a free, no-obligation live demonstration in your office.