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Playparks around the city are set to get a revamp as part of a £1.3 million refurbishment.

Consultations have now started which will give the public the chance to have their say on equipment to be installed in playparks across Aberdeen.

Aberdeen City Council agreed to spend the £1.3m refurbishing parks around the city in 2017/18 at the communities, housing and infrastructure committee in May, where it was decided that community consultation was required on the final design of each of the larger play areas.

Westfield Park, Stewart Park and Hilton Community Centre, as well the play areas on Portal Terrace, Devenick Place, The Meadows and Colthill Road will all have equipment upgrades as part of the programme.

Some of the ideas out to tender include pirate ships, swings, seesaws, wheelchair-accessible roundabouts and jungle gyms, with some companies involved in the plans opting for a higher quantity of equipment and others preferring to focus on fewer but larger pieces.

As well as the public consultations, the plans will be shown at some of the schools in each area so youngsters using the parks will be able to have their say on the different playground apparatus.

Their opinions will then be considered when it comes to making the final decision on the equipment.

Aberdeen City Council communities, housing and infrastructure convener Councillor Yvonne Allan said:

“It’s fantastic these communities are to have new playground equipment and I’m sure the local children will be very excited to see the plans and then work starting at a later date. I’d encourage people to go along to the sessions to find out the different options for refurbishing each of the play areas.”

Tillydrone Community Flat on Alexander Terrace will host an event tomorrow from 9.30am until noon to showcase the seven different designs for Portal Terrace, and Inchgarth Community Centre will show plans for Devenick Place play area on Wednesday, from 9.30am until 12.45pm, which also has seven different designs.

On Thursday a consultation will be held between 9am and 12.30pm at The Meadows Community Centre for both The Meadows and Colthill Road play areas in Milltimber, with 10 different designs on show for the public to decide on their favourite.

The refurbishments are part of a rolling programme, which has taken place over the past several years, and also includes an annual play equipment audit.

The total allocated includes £450,000 in capital funding and an additional £826,000 revenue funding, with playparks selected on a priority basis.

Consultation events have already been held at Bridge of Don Library for Westfield Park and at Hilton Community Centre for Stewart Park and the Hilton play area.

Westfield Park has seven different potential design ideas and the Stewart Park and Hilton Community Centre play areas both have eight different design options.

The sessions were attended by around 50 people, who were able to choose which design they preferred.

For Westfield Park, an important aspect of the equipment proposals was to ensure minimum requirements were met to make sure any new play facilities were accessible for a range of ages and abilities, including equipment able to be used by children with disabilities.

Earlier this year Aberdeen City Council announced the first phase of work for 2017/18 on parks was set to take place at Wales Street, Clifton Road, Piries Lane/Printfield, Orchard Street, St Ninian’s Court, Oldtown Terrace, Persley Crescent, Abbey Place, Clova Park, Ash Hill Road and Lee Crescent.

The play equipment in these areas has been removed over the course of the past few months in order for new kit to be installed later in the year.

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