PSSLive is a very good and robust system, it is user friendly, does what it says on the tin and I find it to be cost effective. It is a simple system that is easy for my team to engage with to get their work done.  We are seeing a huge reduction in paperwork already. We are improving response times dealing with high risk issues and ultimately we are serving our public better by being able to protect our play area users to the best of our ability with the resources we have.”- Kevin Shackell , Manchester City Council Neighbourhood  Team

Manchester City Council – Neighbourhood Team returned as a PSS Ltd customer in December 2016, having previously used PlaySafe – the original Playground Inspections product for a considerable number of years before it fell into disuse due to internal re-organisations.

We are delighted to welcome Manchester City Council – Neighbourhood Team back as users.

PSSLive has been developed considerably to keep up with technology and user requirements, but the core features and functions remain the same. This makes it the ideal tool for paperlessly maintaining an up to date asset register complete with inspections and maintenance records.

PSSLive was initially taken on by Manchester Neighbourhood Team to manage their asset database and inspections for Playgrounds and Trees. Just a few months into using the product they requested a licence extension to cover an additional database for their Parks and Open spaces, such was their satisfaction with the product.

Kevin Shackell Neighbourhood Team Lead Technical comments that “The product itself has helped us immensely in reducing paperwork. It has increased the ability of the maintenance team to inspect and record everything they do and thus prove and track their own effectiveness.

Before PSSLive, often work would get done, but the repairs were not recorded. The ability to track the maintenance teams process is a huge asset to both management and the team themselves.”

One of the major benefits of PSSLive as far as Manchester Neighbourhood Team is concerned is the ability to capture all their assets in one system, rather than having to operate different systems for different asset area. From simple assets such as goal posts to entire Leisure Centres, everything can be entered into, inspected and maintained with PSSLive.

Moving from a paper-based system to an electronic one was an initially difficult decision, but the benefits are quickly outweighing any migration period.