In 2016 we moved over from Windows smartphones onto the new Android software and have seen a major difference in the usefulness of the application. The simple fact of being able to see photo’s of defects and equipment on site makes life so much easier for the playground engineers. Martin Harris , Parks Technical Officer (Parks & Open Spaces)

Nottingham City Council have been using PSSLive for playground inspections since 2011.  Our previous paper based system was not up to scratch and playgrounds had been highlighted as a major risk area within the Council’s insurance and litigation team, leading to a decision to switch from our paper based system to PSSLive and move onto smart phones for recording of Inspections and Findings.

Since 2011 we have had a far more robust system in place for both inspecting and maintain equipment, which has lead to quicker response times when dealing with issues and a reduction in the number of claims against the Council.  PSSLive has also made the production of reports far easier, so any insurance claims that do come in can be turned around quickly rather than waiting for weeks whilst the relevant information is found.  The recording system used on PSS means that our insurance team are more confident about challenging any claims that do come in which has seen further reductions in the number of successful claims, saving the Council many thousands of pounds each year.

The relationship with PSSLive has been ongoing and we are always happy to provide feedback on their products and provide suggestions for how the system can be improved.  Any problems we’ve encountered, have been fixed promptly or the team at PSSLive have kept us informed over progress Martin Harris, Parks Technical Officer (Parks and Open Spaces)