4th July 2017

The City of London Corporation and the Ancient Tree Forum (ATF) will sign a joint declaration to promote the conservation of ancient trees at the ATF summer conference next week.  

The forest, which the City of London Corporation manages, is home to 55,000 ancient trees, more than any other single site in the country, and including some beeches thought to have been there since Anglo-Saxon times.

Epping Forest Management Committee chairman Philip Woodhouse said: “Strong healthy trees are a mark of a strong healthy community, ensuring cleaner air and supporting mental well-being by providing sheltered tranquil green spaces which is why we continue to work with experts from across the UK and the world to ensure our trees are around to witness the next 1,000 years.”

The conference, held in Epping Forest on 13 & 14 July, will look at how such trees should be conserved and protected by legislation, and also the huge challenges they now face from diseases and declining soil health. Other organisations will be encouraged to co-sign the declaration at the event.

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