8th August 2016 – A GIANT playground tunnel loved by children has been demolished because obese kids might get stuck in it.

Parents are furious after the council sent bulldozers into the play area unannounced following a safety inspection. The concrete tunnel was big enough for a toddler to stand up in, but was deemed dangerous by experts who said there was a danger overweight children could get trapped inside.

The play area in Warlingham, Surrey, was closed while workers removed the tunnel. A source said: “The tunnel is quite dangerous. There are rough and sharp edges. And there is always the danger of someone larger getting stuck in it.”

But dad-of-two Mark Spearing, 37, said: “I can’t believe this. It is the best play park in the area and my kids love it. There is no way any child could get stuck in that tunnel. They would have to be absolutely massive.”

A spokesman for Tandridge council said the tunnel was removed to “protect local children”. He said: “Following a safety inspection the equipment was condemned. Plans are being finalised to put a new piece of equipment in its place. “We apologise for any inconvenience but the council’s first priority is to ensure the safety of its residents.”

It comes after figures showed extra-large school uniforms are becoming the norm for kids. Cancer Research UK said one in three will leave primary school overweight or obese. Every year 57,100 kids in England who began primary school at a healthy weight end up obese or overweight when they leave.