Asset Types Includes:

Allotment Plots

Fencing and Perimeter




Ensure your tenants are adhering to their Allotment tenancy agreements using PSSLive. Add Photographs at Site, Asset, Finding and Task level to create a more complete picture of the condition of your Allotment, and the plots contained within it. Plot your whole Allotment on the Map, as well individual plots, to keep track of what space is available and what is in use.

PSSLive offers a fully populated maintenance checklist of Findings and Tasks for your Inspections. All Findings are cross-referenced against appropriate Assets and Tasks to offer an intelligent reporting by exception tool. Log any long grass, or sheet glass that should not be present – these will be date and time stamped, providing you with support regarding any claims that are made.

The Automated To-Do list then provides everything you need to know in an organised format to help you keep on top of your Inspection Schedules, Maintenance activities and Management of your entire area of responsibility. Create personalised and detailed reports to present any Inspection Findings in a clear and concise fashion both to Authorities and Tenants themselves. Future purchasing decisions are easily supported by access to all data ever recorded into your database. Working with contractors, external supplies or tenants – get them to update using the Mobile Application to improve the benefits you will gain from the software.

A paperless software system is key. Total peace of mind is provided as all inspections records are held within PSSLive forever and once an inspection is marked as completed – it can never be deleted. Any changes to a completed Inspections Findings or Tasks are now history tracked, providing a complete audit trail. You will be able to to see who changed what, and when.

PSSLive is flexible – any Assets, Findgings or Tasks that aren’t currently included can be added upon request.