Meter – to be read

Item – Vandalised

Guttering – Blocked

Fence – Section Missing

Grass – Cutting


Light – Bulbs/Tubes need replacing


Possible Task AREAS:

washing of areas

sweeping of areas

graffiti removal

cleaning of areas- internal or external

security checks

Fire alarm checks


PSSUltimate can be used for the management of your Estates and will become the most invaluable tool used by your teams.  Create a list of work programs for the different areas that you are responsible for the management of and ensure that that the set of Tasks is carried out against the schedules you have set and agreed to.

Live Reporting enables your Team to report an Issue to the Web Management Portal instantly, enabling you to rectify any faults or issues in accordance with your agreed Response Times.

PSSUltimate allows you to schedule your Task Requirements against a custom schedule of your choosing. The Schedule feature enables you to specify the applicable Days, Required Frequency and the Time Frame to ensure that your Teams are only instructed to carry out the Tasks that are required today.

Create complete bespoke and scheduled reports utilising the included report engine, enabling you to provide Transparent and accurate service.