“It’s been great being able to use the software and have pictures relating to each asset, findings and tasks in the parks and playgrounds.” Bethany Dove

Torbay Council have been using PSSLive for around 5 years to carry out regular inspections following a full capture of Council Assets in the parks, gardens, playgrounds and rights of way.

Bethany Dove of Torbay comments  “Inspectors using Iphones enables the department to easily carry out Inspections of Sites whatever the weather, the new mobile app, PSSLive+ has made this process even easier.  The PSS team are always on hand if we have any queries on the software and if we are having any issues.”

Torbay Council covers a wide area including three towns, beaches and leisure attractions. Known as the English Riviera, Torbay is a popular tourist destination and has over 1.7 million visitors every year. There are over 300 parks, gardens and open spaces in this area, which include a wide range of facilities such as playgrounds, multi-use games areas (MUGA), skateparks, fitness equipment rights of ways.

Torbay rely on PSSLive as a risk management and inspections tool. The Authority has successfully defended itself from compensation claims in the parks and playgrounds. Using the Detail Report Wizard, Torbay Council have been able to create reports illustrating inspection history records that includes who last Inspected the Site, when, and what they found. This information can be focused around a single Asset, or the Site as a whole and has proved vital.

The ability to add Images to Sites, Assets, Findings and Tasks means that Torbay Council are able to provide an accurate picture of any potential issues from discovery right through to resolution. This provides a clear timeline to show when the Authority became aware of the issue and what actions to resolve the issue.

Torbay Council can track who worked on a particular site, what they found, giving each user an increased level of accountability and makes clear exactly when a particular site was last inspected if there are complaints. Using PSSLive gives a wealth of information with which enables the users to pinpoint problem areas, such as sites regularly targeted by vandalism, as well as create detailed asset histories that can inform future purchasing decisions.