Asset Types EXAMPLES:



Public Toilets





Ditch needs clearing

Dog Grid- Missing

Site- Litter

Fixtures – Loose or Missing

Flower beds need weeding




Paperlessly Record InspectionS for Parks and Open Spaces

PSSLive offers a full checklist for both the Inspection and maintenance of Parks and Open spaces such as playing fields, country parks or commons. PSSLive allows you to Inspect each grass area, bin, bench, fence or pathway and record any issues as Findings, then add Tasks to be completed assigning appropriate Risk assessments which aids prioritisation and workload planning.

Our Asset specific checklist, mapped to appropriate Tasks, covers everything you need such as removing debris and litter, repairing broken fence panels, looking after public facilities or maintaining lawn areas.

Management reporting and future purchasing decisions are easily supported by access to all data from one central location. The Dashboard prompts office users for actions outstanding and can display core KPIs. The Mobile to do list ensures actions required are undertaken within set timescales.

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