“Use of the PSSLive allows BBC to provide evidence that it manages its play areas and parks locations responsibly and to respond to any claims against the Authority. This has been proven to be successful.”

Martyn Sexton, Bournemouth Borough Council

Bournemouth is a large coastal resort town with a population of over 184,000 people today, which makes it the largest settlement in Dorset. Since 1997, the town has been separate from Dorset County Council although it remains part of the ceremonial county.

Bournemouth currently utilises PSSLive to manage over 2100 Assets across 158 Sites that include beaches, golf courses and parks. Parks and Public spaces cover approximately 900 hectares of land, which equates to roughly one fifth of the whole Borough. Sites are Inspected by the team around once a week, with the frequency increasing or decreasing based on necessity.

Larger Sites in Bournemouth are managed with a 5-year development plan, aimed and sustaining and improving the quality of Sites for its visitors. This can involve regular maintenance work such as re-staining wooden benches, topping up wood chipping cleaning water features. Such Tasks can be Scheduled and Completed with notes and Photo evidence using the PSSLive Mobile Application. In this way, Bournemouth can track the journey of a maintenance Task from scheduling through to resolution.

The Borough enjoys a wide range of playgrounds, sports, and activity areas that include BMX Tracks, Skate Parks, Golf Courses and Tennis Courts, all of which are included in the PSSLive software. PSSLive helps Bournemouth maintain high standards of Health and Safety with its in-built risk level report system and the ability to add Photographs at every stage of an Inspection. The Desktop software also has a number of helpful features which customers find useful. These include a Dashboard Homepage which allows the User to see the aspects of the data that require action at a glance.

The implementation of PSSLive allows the team at Bournemouth to plan and provide evidence of progress toward longer term goals such as Green Flag Status for specific Sites within their area of responsibility. Using the reporting system the Borough are able to create customised detailed Reports for their Sites which can include all Findings and Tasks. This allows the team to see particular problem areas, or Sites that may need to be prioritised for further works. With a regular Inspection and maintenance Schedule, Bournemouth Borough Council are able to maintain their Sites to a high standard throughout the year.